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Alterationist :: A personal assistant created by a Tailor.

Cell :: What land is called in [the OC's Universe.] They are isolated and island-like that flout around the Sun.

Cellverse :: The entire Collection of Cells in [The OC's Universe]

Imagination :: power that all sentient being have that allow them to theorize, envision and peer into another Reality, memories, or dreams.

Liminal Hallway :: The entrance between The Inbetween and Universe.

Multiverse :: The entire Collective of Universes.

Profile Pencil :: A magic pencil created by Vie Trance that allows people and objects to move between Universes.

Reality :: An individual Universe, truth, fact, or consciousness.

Tailor :: An abstract being who tends to the expansion of the Multiverse.

Tear :: a distortion of reality, that is caused by age or conflicting reality friction.

The Elements :: A group of seven deities; Electricity, Nature, Air, Darkness, Light, Water, and Fire, that exist in [the OC's Universe] that influence their perspective on life and are worshiped for various reasons.

The Inbetween :: The space between Universes.

Universe :: An individual Reality.


::Story so far::


Chapters 1-5


Myra and her friends, Andrew, Charlotte, and Isabelle come across a Magical Pencil, called The Profile Pencil, that was sent to their doors. The Pencil claims to Bring Imaginary Characters to life. They were sent this because they clicked on a link in a Chain Letter distributed by Charlotte. Although they didn't believe the claim the four of them used the Pencil in a curious but incredulous manner.


Through these means, Myra met Alice, Andrew met Tango, Charlotte met Rose and Isabelle met Veil.


In time the kids met up near Myra's home in Oregon. Andrew moved nearby with his mom after his parents split up. Charlotte and Isabelle are staying with their Grandmother after Charlotte insisted they should visit, despite it really being a ploy to visit their online friends.


After using the Profile Pencil Myra fell into a denial state where she believe she was in a dream and nothing she did had consequences. Despite this, she decided the best thing to do was to wait it out, and eventually, she'll wake up. During this time she tried to live normally and “go with it.” She ended up being very dismissive to Alice, who just wanted to make sense of her surroundings and see her friends.


When Myra finally met up with her friends, they all decided to go to a local festival nearby and everyone can bond. When at the festival they met a young-looking girl named with an adult aura, Matilda, who knew about the Profile Pencil. She claimed to have been “born” from the Pencil herself 74 years ago. She also explains that she looks so young because it's a side effect of The Profile Pencil which concerns Alice. Later that evening, when Matilda was on stage promoting her booth. A balloon dart struck her in the neck and she collapsed. When she quickly came to, she rushed off stage and ran into the woods. Myra casually joined her friends as they ran after her. Matilda revealed to the kids that weird happenings like this have been going on for a while now, they scare her but nothing really bad happens because she quickly heals afterward.


In no time, a face seen working at the festival appears, calling herself Saila. She had been renting her home to Matilda while she was in town. Before the kids can even think, Saila pulls out a musket from seemingly nowhere and points it at the group. Matilda realizes that it was Saila who was tormenting her. After some back and forth, Saila calls Matilda the name “Amity” and Matilda is taken back and shaken as her demeanor changes.


Andrew urges the rest of the group to leave but Myra who doesn't feel the sense of danger and at this point feels completely removed from the situation decides to intervene. Once doing so Saila points her gun at Myra and fires, grazing her arm. After being shot Myra looks up to see Alice trying to comfort her and she realizes that she is not in a dream and everything is real, she passes out.


Myra wakes up in the ER and thinks to herself thinking she really was in a coma but sees Alice and realizes for the last time, that everything did indeed happen.


Matilda takes Myra home and Alice has an existential crisis when Matilda implies that all of Alice's memories are fake.


Myra sees Alice as a person for the first time and changes her demeanor towards her, and also that she and her are more similar than she originally thought.


Meanwhile, Tango is having a crisis because he let Alice go with Matilda and is worried he won't see her again. Veil soothes his anxiety, then kisses him goodnight, leaving Tango flustered. He then has a crisis because he loves Veil but is afraid he is not ready for a relationship and if he were to not reciprocate then he would have lost his chance with her.


Later, Tango builds up the courage to tell Veil that he isn't looking for a relationship and to his surprise, she accepts it and wants to wait for him to be more comfortable with the idea.


Chapter 6-8

The day after the incident, Charlotte decides to make a club for everyone where they report their feeling and understanding of their current situation. Isabelle is seemingly uninterested and before the meeting, is sent on an errand to pick up milk from the convenience store. On her way out, she runs into one of Myra's classmates, Alex, whom Myra expressed distaste for. He offers to help her carry bags with his bike and Isabelle, with Myra's opinion in mind, lets him help her because she doesn't want to carry milk back.


On the walk back, Isabelle comes to like Alex and finds him to be very friendly. She agrees to hang out with him the next day and when they get back to the house. Myra is concerned that Alex was being a creep while Charlotte is excited that Isabelle is talking to someone, a boy no less.


During the meeting, everyone shares their point of view but Charlotte is suspicious that Isabelle isn't telling the whole truth.


The next day, when Isabelle is getting ready to meet up with Alex, Charlotte puts in her mind that she's going on a date. Which causes her to spiral into question every interaction she has for the rest of the day.


Alex explains that he wants to go to the art museum because his great grandfather's art is being displayed that week and he had no one to go with.

When arriving at the museum Isabelle notices that the gallery is actually the same gallery that Matilda was advertising at the festival but before entering, Alex notices, his mom's friend, Vie, approaching the building. Excitedly, he pulls Isabelle to introduce them. Vie is very friendly and insists that Isabelle tell her about her art. It is revealed that Vie is the source of the Profile Pencils and Alex is her delivery boy. Off put by the situation, Isabelle asks Alex about it afterward and Alex gives a nonanswer that's riddled with an infatuation with Vie.


When they go to look at the art, Vie is heard talking to Matilda about some deal but once Matilda walks around the corner, she runs away as soon as she notices Isabelle.


Vie reveals that Matilda has multiple names and leaves the kids to talk to Matilda.


Isabelle asks Alex about the Profile Pencil and he explains Vie wants to save people from loneliness with her power to turn imagination real. She said it with such passion he was inspired to help her with the technical side and whatever else she needs.


Isabelle finds this suspicious.


Matilda tells Vie that she doesn't want to interact with the kids because she is afraid that someone is going to appear at any moment and if the kids are too familiar with her they might talk about her causing this person to track her down.


Matilda decides that she should leave town unannounced but when leaving the hotel room she booked, she runs into an old friend, Andrew's Mom, Ancilla, working as a housekeeper.


The next day, the kids gather for another “Pencil Meeting” and find out that not everything they know about their OCs is true and little details are different.


Alex shows up at the house to share a letter from Vie, explaining that she doesn't feel well enough to meet them quite yet, and relays some information to the kids about how their “characters” should be treated like real people.


Later that evening, Andrew and Tango return home to see that Matilda is staying at their house.


Charlotte thinks about how everyone is getting along with their characters but Rose doesn't talk to her. She reminisces about how when they met, Rose told her to stay away for her own good.


Chapter 9-14

Myra wakes up the next day to two people in her room, Bethany and Eve. Bethany stitches up an invisible tear and then see's herself out, but not before introducing herself as “The Tailor of Imagination” who lives inbetween Universes and maintains them. Myra chases after her to ask her about The Profile Pencil, which Bethany has never heard of but is suddenly disgusted at the mention of Vie, who she recognizes as a romantic rival from a long time ago who passed between universes and to her surprise is still alive. Bethany quickly teleports away to confront Vie.


When arriving her eye is caught by Alex, who, from her perspective, shouldn't exist because people from other universes can't procreate with each other and Alex resembles her ex-boyfriend who ended up marrying Vie. This leads Bethany to be suspicious of Vie because there may be more to her origin than she originally thought.


Bethany then instructs Eve to kidnap Vie and then later Alex to try and convince Vie to reveal her origin and how she can bend reality. She bluffs that she's going to kill her lineage if she doesn't reveal her secrets. But the truth is Vie doesn't know her origin and believes that she never passed through universes. Bethany doesn't believe her but Eve, who is blindly following Bethany's instructions, confirms that Vie is telling the truth. Bethany and Eve bicker through their miscommunication and Vie escapes with Alex.


They meet up with Isabelle who sat in their house because she saw Alex get captured and panicked because she didn't know who to call. Vie offers her pie and asks her to stay the night to keep an eye on Alex because from their perspective Bethany is unhinged and wants to kill Vies bloodline. She then gives Isabelle a compass initialed with the letter “A” and tells her if anything happens she needs to contact Matilda and get her help with any means necessary. Bethany sees this through spying on them, recognizes the compass, and plans a trip to visit Matilda, who she knows as “Amity.”


Isabelle and Alex have a night of sharing secrets and insecurities with each other.


Vie reminisces about her origin from her perspective and concludes that no matter what her past means, her purpose is to fulfill the hate in her heart that drives her to “ruin Bethany.” In response, she consciously decides to make Alex her servant and steal him away. Alex sees the opportunity to leave the Universe and work for Vie as a way to relieve the burden he feels existing.


The next morning, Isabelle gets ready to leave but before doing so, she asks Vie how The Profile Pencil works and what measures are in place to not cause “Evil” to pass through. Vie explains that the Pencil only works with those who are pure of heart and Isabelle leaves knowing Vie is lying and untrustworthy.


Bethany and Eve show back up, claiming to be on vacation, and approach Isabelle to take them to her friends so she can clear up some misunderstandings. Despite everything that has happened, Isabelle sees Bethany as more trustworthy than Vie and agrees.


Bethany explains how the Multiverse works and shames the kids for falling for a scam and then tells them that it isn't her job to fix the extra work they caused her. When leaving, Eve secretly leaves a pin cushion with the kids that they can use to contact her if they have any questions.


Meanwhile, Andrew and Tango are caught by his mom, and Matilda to stay home because they need to have an important family discussion. His mom reveals that she used to work for Bethany and Matilda as a servant and is actually very old, which is why she never questioned Tango's existence and has been trying to find a way to tell him.


Bethany and Eve eventually bust into their house to confront Matilda and say hi to Ancilla. Bethany and Matilda get into a fight that hints at Matilda being in an otherworldly contract with Bethany that gives her powers. After being insulted Bethany voids the contract but leaves Matilda immortal as a way to avoid further interaction between them and let her suffer.


Andrew and Tango leave to give Matilda space and catch up with Myra.


Ancilla comes to explain Matilda and her's relationship and what Bethany means to them.


Saila shows up to pester Matilda and reveals the different aliases that she used to stalk her and tells her favorite name to go by is Miss. Alaneous. She then strikes up a deal to rid Matilda of the lasting power Bethany has over her and rid her of her immortality. Matilda reluctantly accepts.


Alex begins second-guessing his decision to move to another universe because making a life here with his friends feels more plausible now. Vie tells him that his friends are selfish for making him feel that way and he should focus on what's important.


Alex vaguely tells Isabelle what happened and Isabelle panics because she fears that Alex is going to give in to Vie due to his admiration for her. She tries to come up with a solution but the most powerful people she knows aren't much help. She then remembers the smoking gun that caused her to distrust Vie so early on. Her own character, Veil, is that she's been stressing over since the beginning. In a panicked haze, she approaches Veil and leads her to kill Vie. She soon regrets realizing how distraught Alex becomes.